One of the stand out features of Mumbales is the community vibe. This is cultivated partly by being a small space where proximity inevitably creates conversation, but also by our choice of events. 

Our weekly quiz night, hosted by Dyfs and Hamish is a popular get together for locals. Questions range from naming album covers to guessing the Victorian job titles.

MumbAles Quiz Masters Dyfs and Hamish 

Probably our most popular night of the week, we host an open mic every Friday. We have a lovely community of regulars and are always delighted to welcome newcomers. As with many open mics the most popular instrument is a guitar, however we often have harmonica players, sacaophonists, pianists and even a tea chest bass player. Our Bar Manager often finishes the evening with folk songs, either unaccompanied or joined by some of our regulars for a jam. 

Bar Manager Hermione Wild with Wild-Eyed, Wicked & Oblivious, Nathan and Karen Laurence, John Davies at MumbAles Friday open mic night

We have also have a fantastic reputation for our live music nights every Saturday. We host someone wonderful performers playing a range of styles. If you’re looking for local folk music, funk played by a 5 piece troop of saxophonists, blues or acoustic dance music, you may well find it at MumbAles.